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Lazy Backup

Lazy Backup is intended to be so easy even lazy people will do their backups


Everyone is encouraged to make regular backups but how many of us actually do? Not only can it take a long time, but it can be complicated with a bunch of steps. Lazybackup is all about making it easy so that people will actually do it.

Current implementation

Started as a script to make my own backups easier there is a ready to use perl application available for download via sourceforge. It is works from the command line, and prompts users to do things like change disks. It should be a lot easier to use than the various steps that would need to be used to backup manually.



Lazybackup has the ambitious goal of being the defacto backup tool of the gnome desktop when GNU/Linux becomes a mainstream OS of non technical people. Lazybackup also aims to appeal to admins via advanced scritability, and full functionality via command line, and library interfaces.


This program is dedicated to my mom Karen Johnson
Born May 22 1948
Died April 15 2006 10:35AM Pacific DST

My mom has always believed in me, and her thoughtfulness of other peoples needs helped inspire me to work on free software.